The Professors and the Post-Doc actively involved in the PhD Program

Corporate finance, Real options, Optimal capital structure, Liquidation policies, Sovereign credit risk, Environmental policies.

Industrial Organization, Product differentiation, R&D and Innovation, International Trade, Game Theory

Information Economics, Behavioral Economics, Insurance Theory, Health Economics, Industrial Organization.

Dynamic political economy, Economics of special interests, Voting

Economic Growth and Development. Political Economy of Growth. International Migration. Poverty Traps and Human Capital Accumulation.

Experimental and behavioral economics, bounded rationality, game theory, industrial organization.

International Trade, Open Economy Macroeconomics, Industrial Economics

Microeconometrics: endogeneity, heterogeneity, dynamics, measurement. Real and financial choices of firms: uncertainty, innovation, corporate capital structure

Coordination problems, cross-cultural cooperation, trust attitudes, unethical behavior, and real-effort in lab-experiments.

Bortolotti, Stefania

Research Fellow at the University of Cologne

International Economics and Finance, Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics, Innovation and Growth

Household consumption, labour supply, savings, pensions and housing; applied microeconometrics and computational methods

Industrial Organization, Informational Economics, Market Design

Calvano, Emilio

Assistant Professor (tenure track)

Industrial organization, contract theory, regulation and procurement, game theory.

Law and economics, behavioral economics, the economics of information and contracts, industrial organization, competition law and economics, regulation.

Experimental and Behavioral Economics, Economic analysis of property rights, Cooperation in social dilemmas, Intertemporal preferences.

Time series and financial econometrics, macroeconometrics.

Long Term Growth and Comparative Development, Economics and Demography, Democratization and Civil Conflicts, Economics of Moral Values.

Financial Intermediation, Capital Markets and the Macroeconomy; the economics of sovereign debt and liquidity.

Economics of innovation and intellectual property, industrial organization and competition policy, social choice theory

Health Economics, Dynamic Optimization and Intertemporal Decision-making, Experimental economics, Industrial organization

Health Economics

Macroeconometrics, Time series econometrics, Applied macroeconomics

Applied microeconometrics (treatment evaluation, quantile regression), labour economics, economics of education, population economics, health economics.

Economics of law enforcement, economics of intellectual property rights, economics of liability law

Econometric forecasts, Economic policy modelling, Microeconometric models of firms’ investment and capital structure.

Industrial Economics, International Trade, Theory of the Firm

Grazzi, Marco

Associate Professor

Labor economics, Economics of education, Economics of the family, Gender studies, Social Interactions, Causality in econometrics.

Game Theory, Industrial Organization, International Trade

Development economics, Applied economic history, Meta-analysis

Labor Economics and Personnel Economics with a focus on emerging and transition economies

Health Economics, Applied Economics, Public Economics

Macroeconomics, International Economics, Banking and Debt Crises, Fiscal Policy, European Integration, Fiscal Policy and Debt, Political Economy

Monetary Economics in DSGE models (with and without banking), Portfolio Theory, Asset Pricing with Macroeconomic Linkages

Economics and Culture, Migration, Labor Economics, Development Economics, Political Economy

Masella, Paolo

Associate Professor

Policy Evaluation, Consumer Demand, Health Economics

International trade and invesment, Regional economics, Industrial organization

Selection of location for firms, competition, market structure, economic growth

Microeconometrics, Simulation-based inference, Limited dependent variable models, Applied labour, household and health economics

International Trade and Migration, Political Economy and Development, Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation, Economics of Religion

Macroeconomic dynamic modelling, Structural econometrics analysis in time series, Econometric analysis of economies under transition, Model evaluation, Statistical methods in econometrics

Capital movements and multinationals, Development and growth, Economic integration (Asia, Europe, Latin America), International trade, Migration, Regional cohesion.

Law and economics, behavioral law and economics, the economics of contracts, economics of competition, public choice theory.

Econometrics, Finance, Empirical IO

Regional labour markets, innovation, entrepreneurship, social capital, spatial modelling, spatial econometrics

Inequality and Poverty Measurements, Applied Theory, Information Economics, Public Economics

Political Economy, Long Term Development, Economics of Religion, Organized Crime

Financial Econometrics, Macro Econometrics , Simulation Methods, State space models

Raggi, Davide

Associate Professor

Political Economy, Public Economics, Development Economics

Economics of the EU, and post-socialist transitions, Macro and monetary economics, Monetary Fiscal and Labor Market policies

Entrepreneurship economics, Firm and industry dynamics, Innovation

Health Economics, Economics of the Welfare State, Applied Economics

Social Capital and Social Interactions. Crime Economics. Information Transparency. Industrial Organization and Trade

Vanin, Paolo

Associate Professor

Saving, Consumption and House purchase decisions; pensions and asset policies; lifecycle models with multiple assets; computational techniques

Environmental and Resource Economics, International and Spatial Economics, Industrial Organization

Labor Economics, Social Economics, Applied Economics

Industrial Organization, Economics of Science and Innovation, Networks