A challenging four-year degree designed for selected students with a strong commitment to economics and a proven ability for inquisitive and independent work. The program aims at training a selected group of outstanding scholars for a career as economists in academic institutions or in research departments of corporations, public organizations, financial institutions and the government.

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The admission process will start in March 2017.

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Students are encouraged to pursue a personalized curriculum, by choosing courses within a wide list of options under the close supervision of distinguished academic members who are at the cutting edge of world research in their fields. The learning opportunities involve General Courses, Topic Courses, Advanced Topic Courses as well as a wide range of courses on Tools and Methods that involve front lectures on theory and labs sessions on the use of software packages. The program also offers courses on how to organize research, give presentations in front of specialized audiences and write scientific articles.

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Research Seminars

  • 28Mar

    Okun’s Law, Self-fulfilling Fluctuations and Automatic Stabilizers

    speaker: Paulo Santos Monteiro (University of York)

    seminar room, 14.00-15.15

Internal Seminars

  • 29Mar

    The effects of income shocks on the human capital investment of households

    Speaker: Milenko Fadic

    Seminar room, 13.00-14.00

Reading Groups

    No event on schedule

Worshops / Events

  • 27Mar

    First year EDLE students Presentations

    Seminar Room: 09.00-15.30